Save up to 70% off Life Insurance!

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Save up to 70%

off Life Insurance!

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Why Buy Life Insurance?

The most important and most common reason to purchase life insurance is to provide a sound financial future for those who depend on your income. For example, a working father may choose to purchase a life insurance policy for the purpose of providing for his children in the event of his death. As a different example, a single person may choose to purchase life insurance for the purpose of sparing his or her parents the burden of paying for a funeral or bills in the event of his or her untimely death. Life insurance can even be purchased to provide for a favorite charity by naming the organization as the beneficiary on the policy.

A Common Misconception of Purchasing Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance should not be used as a primary way of saving for future needs, including college and retirement. While some insurance policies do earn cash value and provide you with borrowing power, future financial needs can be better prepared for through traditional retirement plans, IRAs or 401(k)s. Consider life insurance as a tool for assuring the well-being of your family after your own death, not as an investment for retirement or future needs.