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Save up to 70%

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How Does My Smoking Impact My Ability to Buy Life Insurance?

The decision to smoke has a substantial impact on your ability to purchase life insurance. As a smoker, you are at a higher risk for numerous diseases and complications, including certain cancers, respiratory diseases such as emphysema, and an overall shortened life expectancy. This higher risk factor can be a cause for insurance companies to deny you a policy, or charge significantly more in premiums.

Disclosing Nicotine Use

Casual smokers may be tempted to hide their nicotine use from life insurance companies. Attempting to conceal nicotine use, which is illegal insurance fraud, can only lead to more problems. Many insurance companies require blood tests and/or physicals to rule out nicotine use and other health issues and may deny any claim if you die from a condition not listed on your application.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Choosing a nicotine free lifestyle is a smart decision for a long and healthy future, and will help you get the best life insurance possible at the best price.