Save up to 70% off Life Insurance!

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Save up to 70%

off Life Insurance!

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Insuring a Happy Retirement

Some types of life insurance, including whole life insurance, offer cash value options that may assist you in planning for a financially secure retirement. While life insurance should not be your only retirement strategy, there are some clear benefits if wisely planned.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance policies, those with fixed premiums and benefits, accrue cash value because your premiums are invested throughout the years. As the dollar amount and interest earned increase, so does the cash value of your policy. While borrowing against your policy is not as easy as withdrawing from savings, it does offer a source of cash when you really need it.

Universal Life

Universal life insurance policies are flexible policies that may be altered to better meet the needs of the insured party over the course of time. Universal policies also offer cash value through paid premiums and interest earned, plus the option to offset the cost of premiums with earned interest.


Many life insurance providers also offer annuities. In an annuity, a portion of the premium is set aside and saved rather than used to pay claims. Over time, the balance grows. Although annuities may be accessed at a predetermined age or time, they may not be borrowed against or used as collateral before that time.

Planning for a Happy Tomorrow

To assure a financially stable retirement, consult with a reputable life insurance provider to see which options are right for you. By starting early, and planning wisely, your golden years could be the happiest ones of all.